Youth participation in local and public affairs

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The youth’s participation in public life is the process of integrating young people into decision-making. This is reflected in their contribution to the identification of their personal needs on the one hand and the needs of their communities on the other and the elaboration of possible and practical proposals. And to enable them to acquire the skills of strategic planning, leadership, teamwork and dialogue and consultation    to facilitate their contribution to local and public affairs. Within this context, our association promotes and supports youth participation in public affairs through the incorporation of several objectives to ensure that the community has future leaders capable of maintaining and improving the safety and security of society. Therefore, youth must be prepared and trained to take responsibility for all their challenges. This required preparation can only be achieved through full opportunity for them to participate actively and in a participatory manner  as well as the ability to influence and persuade, and accept the contrary opinion,  constructive criticism , mastering the foundations  of democratic practice at the individual and community level and the possession of creative potentials that enable them to bring new and innovative solutions to many of the problems existing in their communities.