Youth and voluntary work

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Voluntary social work can be defined as the contribution of young people to development work. Voluntary work is based on the cooperation of individuals among themselves in order to meet the needs of their society, which is the main point of volunteering. The effort made by individuals on voluntary basis without waiting for remuneration for the services done for the public interest.

 The volunteer is an active member of the society who believes in his or her causes and conditions and has the ability to integrate, interact and work within the group in a spirit of initiative for development.

We believe in the importance of the role of youth in public affairs. Our association works through its projects in the field of volunteering to have experiences to pass on to young people to reshape them with its fertile imagination and to appeal to a different reality through different programs and mechanisms available to achieve a number of objectives such as the participate in the preparation of some public spaces such as public parks and commitment to their maintenance and care to benefit the community. It also conducts scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, dialogue and discussion sessions for young people that will expand knowledge and intellectual abilities’ development and stimulate the mind, and contribute to the development of educational capacity for youth, especially in marginalized areas, to further their advancement, open new horizons for creativity and provide a space for creators to display their talents and exchange with others.