Promote ethical and health awareness among youths

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The young man lives amidst many variables, including the system of moral values that defines youth issues and their relationships with each other. There is no doubt that the social imbalance we are witnessing is mainly due to the absence of human values. These values, which establish and not break up, open up the horizon of the future on interrelated relationships and we mean by   values ​​the set of ethics and behavioural representations and fixed or changing principles that are linked positively or negatively to the personality of the youth   and determine their nature and identity relying on the total of their performed,  emotional and practical actions in an objective and subjective way and that  constitutes the emotional, cultural and social side. Therefore, we must point to a number of objectives we are working on to provide youth with mechanisms of conflict resolution, mutual respect, modification and correction of bad behaviour, strengthening the youth’s moral capacities both verbal and physical and putting them in the right path.

To help the youths control the will, resist violence, advocate tolerance, and follow the human and societal model of those who seek moral advancement that combines true idealism, realism and practical application with sound methodology

Contributing to healthy family foundation and advocating for tolerance, peace, freedom, coexistence, democracy, solidarity, openness and dialogue

. Contributing to the reduction of risky behaviour in youth circles such as terrorism, seclusion, extremism, alienation, exclusion, violence, racial discrimination and rejection of others in order to create young people who adapt to the values of society and interact with them positively, and adapt to the external environment. A structural and functional interaction based on harmony and mutual giving and communication with each other, regardless of his faith, language and nationality.

Concerning health, many diseases are the result of wrong behaviour. Hence, health education is the cornerstone and foundation of the building. It aims at increasing the health awareness of young people and to develop their knowledge and culture related to public health matters and to raise their level of dealing with various health symptoms. Methods of prevention from diseases and how to deal with emergencies and know about and try to stay away from misconducts by upgrading the medical and health information through the media, publishing brochures, educational books and the organization of seminars and lectures....